Everything that the update has to offer (that I know of)

The Animal Crssing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo update (whew that was a mouthful) came out on the 2nd November and after a few days of it being released people are still discovering new things. There are also rumours and false information floating about on the internet. Here I well be talking about every detail that I know of first hand.

I have been playing the game since launch and know what was there from the start and what wasn't. Anything I don't mention was either already in the game or wasn't there at all. So lets get started.

The obvious stuff
  • Campground - This is the biggest new addition to the update. It gives you access to new items and villagers.
  • MEOW Coupons - The fourth currency in the game (third if play coins don't count). It allows you to buy the items that Harvey has on display in the campground.
  • Amiibo support - Amiibo support is in the name of the update. It allows you to summon a villager or special character. You need Wisp in order to use it (you can find him anytime the day after you updated). More on them later.
  • Initiatives - These are little tasks you can do to earn MEOW coupons. You get two new ones daily and two slightly longer ones weekly.
  • Secret storeroom - If you go to Tom Nook you can get 360 more slots of storage. Its worth the money. You can find the option next to the light switch in your house.
  • Happy Home Designer - After you get the secret storeroom Lottie will come and teach you how to rearrange your furniture Happer Home Designer style free of charge. You can find the option next to the light switch in your house.
The little things

These are just little details that make the game better or just cuter overall. You can;
  • Sit on rocks
  • Shake trees with a net or fishing rod in your hand. This makes catching bees easier!
  • Cyrus will wave at you when you collect an item from him
  • Villagers will no longer move on patterns. Yay!
  • More fortune cookie items.
  • Amiibo Camera (Similar to the Photos with Animal Crossing app)
  • Two minigames.Desert Island Escape from Amiibo Festival (can be played using the Wii U item) and Puzzle League (can be played with any of the 3DS items)
  • Fire pit dancing (at night in the campground)
  • Bigger items (such as the flat screen TV) can now be placed on a table of the same size.
  • More leeway when placing Public Works Projects.
Amiibo support

People seem to be getting mixed up with what amiibo do what. Here is the basic idea.
  • Before you can do anything amiibo related (except for Amiibo Camera and the two mini games). You need to find Wisp
  • You can only use Wisp once a day
Here is what each type of amiibe does
  • The Animal Crossing amiibo figures makes that character visit your town in the campground. If you scan one of these their function in your town will not be accessible because they are on holiday. (For example if you scan Reese then you can't buy or sell anything in ReTail). Also if you haven't unlocked a character's function in your town then you can't use that amiibo figure until you do (For example if Cyrus is still asleep then you can't use the Cyrus amiibo until he wakes up)
  • All of the Splatoon figures EXCEPT for Callie and Marie give you access to Inkwell the Octopus. You can invite him to live in you town and order the furniture in his RV for MEOW Coupons
  • The Callie and Marie amiibo gives you access to Cece and Viche. They can live in your town and you can buy their items for MEOW Coupons
  • The Legend of Zelda amiibo give you access to Epona, Medli, Wolf Link and Ganon. They can move into your town and you can order their items with MEOW coupons.
  • The first 400 Animal Crossing Amiibo cards don't have an RV but you can ask the villagers to move in (you cant ask special character to move in)
  • The 50 new Animal Crossing amiibo cards releasing in December have RVs. You can invite them to move into your town or buy their items with MEOW Coupons
  • The Super Smash Bros Villager amiibo summons Wisp. He can't move into your town but you can order some Nintendo themed items from past Animal Crossing games with MEOW coupons.
Selling your town

If you want to sell your town to Tom Nook you can... but only if you have put 50 hours and 50 days into that town (when your tree has three bushes on it). Please be careful because one its gone, its gone.


If your copy of Animal Crossing is getting corrupted while updating you either hack or have a hacked item. If you hack then there is nothing you can do. If you have a hacked item here is how to delete it safely
  1. Drop the item on the ground
  2. Make a new character
  3. Pick up the item as the new character
  4. Delete that character
I hope this helps and if you have any more questions feel free to ask me. Thank You and enjoy the update.

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