Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Squishy: Good Samaritan Badge!

Today in town, Katrina's tent was set up. For once I didn't miss it!

Daisy said that she wants to move out of Cosmic.


She wanted to leave on the 14th of this month. I told the doggy to sit and stay.

Rosie wanted to go to my house right away. Its been a while since a villager has been in my house so I let her.

I guess she thinks I'm jolly?

I have both so your good to go!

After going through all the rooms I sat on a sofa and grabbed a snack irl while waiting for her to go.

Phineas the badge man came and gave me the Good Samaritan Badge. I forgot to take a photo of me posing with it though.

Thank you for stopping by and have a good day!

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