Sunday, 4 June 2017

Beth: HHD: Cranston's Rice Field

Instead of playing New Leaf, I decided to play Happy Home Designer! It's been a while, so I thought it was about time to design some more houses.

One of the options I had was an underwater fantasy land.

The other option I had was to create a studio, but I wasn't too keen on either. I had a little wander to see if there was another option.

I did have another choice - a rice paddy! I chose this one.

I decided to place this house on one of the biggest plots available.

Once I got to the plot, I was reminded of my task.

Inside, I created a living area based on a kitchen. I used mainly natural looking furniture, including a tatami bed and bamboo bench!

Outside, I did the only natural thing - filled the yard with crops! I also used a few of the new pieces I unlocked, including a tractor.

When I finished the design, I went to visit a few of the other animals I've designed for. I ended up in Diana's house!

I took a few photos her house, as it's definitely one of my favourite designs.

I made sure to take a few photos in there and post them on my Tumblr - it needed updating!

Thanks for reading!

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