Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Beth: Redesigning for Summer

Hi everyone! Contradicting the name of this post, it's been more like winter here over the past few days in the UK. But at least that's given me the chance to catch up with Acorn and even do some designing!

I started off my walk by meeting Rodeo, Acorn's newest resident! As suspected, he moved from Jeff's town of Forest.

As part of updating Acorn, I finally moved the gold and black roses from town, and hopefully I'll be replacing them with white roses for a more summery feel!

I also decided to include a few pink roses in this part, among some white pansies.

I also replaced some dark flowers with white roses leading up to the town hall.

At home, I noticed my back room has been expanded. I'm planning on creating a garden area with this room, maybe a kind of garden centre or store?

I moved some of the back room furniture into the main room to re-do it. It looks a little messy at the moment, but it'll be better eventually, I promise!

Thanks for reading! I'll be back with a Zelda post on Thursday.

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