Thursday, 8 June 2017

Beth: Breath of the Wild #9

Warning: My BOTW posts may include spoilers. I will warn readers again for big spoilers that are part of the main story, but proceed with caution!

I haven't been really following the story in Breath of the Wild recently, but I have been completing some shrine quests, which has taken me across the map!

One of these included an endurance test I attempted a while ago but couldn't complete. This time, with more hearts and help from food, I could! I then unlocked a shrine.

Another shrine quest took me to a collection of statues, and I had to shoot one in the eyes! At a certain time, a random statue lit up purple and I shot an arrow at it to unlock a shrine.

Another one took me to the north of Hateno Village, where I followed the line of cedars to yet another hidden shrine.

This shrine gave me the second part of the climbing set - boots!

I continued traveling north to the Spring of Power, where I found out I needed to search for a dragon.

I found the correct place on the map and eventually managed to shoot the dragon that flew overhead. I managed to receive a scale from the dragon.

On the way back to the Spring of Power, I found another horse! It sounds silly, but it's full black apart from the nose and just beautiful.

I then gave the statue in the Spring of Power the scale I'd managed to get, which unlocked a hidden shrine at the back of the spring.

Inside the shrine, I had to fight a Guardian. It took a while, but I eventually managed it! I exchanged my new spirit orbs for a few more hearts.

Thanks for reading!

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