Sunday, 18 June 2017

Beth: ACNL: Storms in Acorn

I haven't played ACNL for at least a week, simply because I've had such a stress-filled and crappy few days, but I'm back!

I was surprised to see it storming in Acorn today - simply because it's so warm here in real life :P

I noticed some more flowers (hydrangeas?) have bloomed, and my pattern worked around the lighthouse.

I had a bit to clean up in town as it's been neglected for a while, but there was more dandelions than weeds :P

In the north of town, I noticed Greta's old house plot. She just left town, and I'm not bothered. I nearly kicked her out with an Amiibo, anyway!

I also had a letter for Father's Day, which included a red carnation. I already have a lot of these around town, but I still am putting some around the town hall.

I missed a lot of notices on the board, including the one for Father's Day.

I also completely missed the Bug Off, but hopefully I'll take part in next months!

While I've been not playing, I didn't attend Walker's birthday. I knew when it was on, but I couldn't play at the time.

I caught up with up with my villagers, and Chevre asked me for a new greeting. I told her to say "you're cute" because it should be nice for other people reading it!

Thanks for reading!

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