Sunday, 11 June 2017

Beth: ACHHD: Beau and Marcie

I decided to play ACHHD today, and as soon as I started up the game I spotted Beau. I used to have Beau in my first town, and I just loved him. It was easy to know that I was going to design for him!

I knew I needed to create his house in a mountain area, and I eventually settled on this one.

Beau's theme was perfect for him - food and the outdoors! Sounds pretty good, actually.

It took me a while, but I eventually designed a dark, sunset-y campsite with a picnic area.

I also designed the roof with ivy and filled the rest of the space with plants.

Outside, I went for a simple picnic bench and some plants. Unfortunately this particular area doesn't have much outdoor space - I should remember that :P

I made sure to include some seating, a good picnic area and an area for sleeping.

I continued the game and had to decide between a home for jam sessions or a nursery school. I chose the nursery!

I wanted a relaxing place, near to a train track. Although you can't see the track, it is just off to the right.

I did end up nearer to a track, though, with the river running just below!

I made sure to design the building with a nice, kid friendly vibe :P

Inside, the furniture I was given seemed very pink. I could have changed the colour, but I decided to go with the theme!

I chose mostly pink furniture, wallpaper and even lights. I tried not to go overboard, and I think it worked.

Outside was pretty simple too, and I focused on blue and pink.

As with Beau's house, you can visit either by scanning the QR code in the pictures!

Thanks, and see you next time.

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