Thursday, 1 June 2017

Beth: Breath of the Wild #8

Warning: My BOTW posts may include spoilers. I will warn readers again for big spoilers that are part of the main story, but proceed with caution!

I haven't been heading towards another Divine Beast for a while, instead I've been building Tarrey Town! If you want to avoid spoilers for Tarrey Town, I'd skip this post.

When I first arrived in Tarrey Town, Hudson asked me to fetch someone with a lot of physical strength. I carried on the conversation, and he asked for a Goron person with a name ending in Son. In fact, this happened with all of the people I fetched - everyone here has a name ending in Son!

I was heading up to the main City, with my brother watching me play. He quickly hinted that I should stay in another part, so I talked to the people in the Southern Mine. There I found Greyson and his son! They agreed to my plan, and headed off towards Tarrey Town.

Back in Tarrey Town, Greyson's son is now running a little store!

The next task for me was to look for someone with good tailoring skills. He then pointed me in the direction of Gerudo Town, which is basically the complete other end of the map! I was still determined, though, and I headed off on foot.

On my way, I found a horse and a shrine. I then headed down to a brand new stable to register my horse!

I left my new horse on the outskirts of the desert before wandering over to Gerudo Town. I was then again given a tip by my brother that, I was in the wrong place once again! I headed to Kara Kara Bazaar and found the person I was looking for.

I headed back to Tarrey Town and he asked me for someone from Rito Village, which was again, in another part of the map.

On my way there, I headed past Hyrule Castle. Near there, I found another memory! It's been a while since I last found one, so it was kind of cool to come across something new.

In Rito, I found someone to help - Fyson. I sent him on his way to Tarrey Town.

Back in Tarrey Town, Hudson sent me out again. This time, he wanted a Priest from the Zora region!

But that wasn't enough for Hudson to marry the woman I fetched from Kara Kara Bazaar. He didn't want to celebrate alone, and asked me to fetch his friends from Hateno Village.

On the way back to Tarrey Town for what felt like the 100th time, I went to enhance my first piece of armor - a climber's bandanna.

I then headed back to join in with the ceremony. They said 'I do' under the promise that they will name their child a name ending in 'son'. Of course.

Hudson gave me a big gift for helping build Tarrey Town - 3 diamonds. Honestly, I would have been happy to do this for free. It's actually been one of my favourite parts of the game so far!

Before saving my game, I took my newest horse (Peanut) to my home in Hateno Village. Thanks for reading!

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