Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Squishy's thoughts on Magikarp Jump!

I never thought that I would play a game about the weakest Pokémon in the series. Well it does exist and here are my thoughts

Magikarp Jump is a game where you raise Magikarp to be the best jumpers in the land. The story is meh. But I suppose it is about a fictional fish. Also, fish puns!

The music and art style go really well together. It all looks and sounds so cute yet it also gets you pumped up to be the best trainer around.

One dark thing about the game is that your Magikarp can disappear through certain events. In other words, it sugar-coats them dying. I like how discreet they make it but its also easy to understand, and kind of funny.


Overall, I enjoyed Magikarp Jump and I'm not done with it yet. I'll probably stop when I either get all 6 badges or get too frustrated to continue. I hope everyone enjoyed reading and have a good day!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Squishy: Backwards-marine

While making my rounds around town I discovered a new house plot in town. It was in a good spot and belonged to Filbert. Perfect!

Flo also noticed Filbert's house and mocked him about moving in Spring. You don't even know him and your already judging? Rude.

Chrissy was in the campsite. I don't mind her but I wouldn't invite her into town.

Camofrog requested that I build a wind turbine!

So I did just that!

I also felt like making another Steven Universe design to celebrate the special airing later tonight. This time I did Aquamarine's dress... except I accidently made it backwards. Oops!

That's better! Now if only I had the other parts of her outfit.

Here is the QR code if you want to dress like her.

It feels good to finally be getting rid of more Christmas jumpers

Thank you for reading and have a good week (and if your watching the special, enjoy and no spoilers please).

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Beth's Thoughts: ARMS Testpunch


Hi guys! As you may know, this weekend marks the first ARMS global testpunch. Similar to the Splatoon testfire, this little demo is meant to give us a demo into the online features of the game.

ARMS Global Testpunch times 

If you've missed the latest ones, don't worry! There will be more next weekend. I really wanted to blog about this one, because it does seem like a big part in the Nintendo Switch's life, but there doesn't seem like much to say.

ARMS is a fighting game meant to utilize the motion controls on the console. The idea is to KO (knock-out) your opponent.


So, did I play this weekend? Yes. For like 10 minutes, and 3 fights. As you may have already gathered, I'm just not interested in this one. So dis-interested that in fact, I'm not even very motivated to write this post.

I wanted to try out the testpunch to maybe improve my outlook on this game, but it failed. To me, it seems boring. Too easy, and too little. The maps seem small and you can't really 'explore' them as you're 1-1 fighting. I don't know enough about the characters to say much about them, but nothing really appealed to me.

As for controls, they seemed confusing. This game should be simple, but the controls took that away for me. I did the tutorial a couple of times, but I still couldn't get to grips with it at all.

Did I like anything about this? Actually, yes. I presume the type of match you join is random, and I ended up in this kind of volleyball type-thing at one point and I actually kind of enjoyed it. A little slow, and I still wouldn't pay this kind of money...but it was more enjoyable than just 1-1.

Overall? I don't know how such a boring, repetitive game can be so confusing at the same time. I might try this again next weekend, but it's still not appealing to me at the moment.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Squishy: K.K Crossing Singing Folk

Yesterday was Pietro's first day out of town and he left an empty house.

One villager gone means another in Main Street. This time its Wolf Link back from the Twilight

I decided that now is the best time to get rid of my Earthbound area so I started by getting rid of the trees.

Then I deleted my Jeff character to quickly get rid of all the patterns. So long old friend...

In Rosie, ReTail put her trash bin up for sale. I knew this would become a chain reaction if I bought it (which I did).

I decided to get rid of the face cutout sturdee that's in the (once was) Earthbound area since I never used it. I'm leaving the Stonehedge though since that costs a lot.

Then I switched to Joy so that I could add the paths down. Lovely!

When I played tonight Daisy wanted something to replace her classic sofa.

I tried giving her the trash bin from yesterday but its too small for her.

Iggly was also cleaning and wanted me to deliver something to Daisy.

At least I'm not the only one leaving their spring cleaning to the last minute!

I guess Iggly didn't clean well enough...

She wanted me to guess what it was. Its always clothes, well almost always.

Iggly was fishing in a tight spot, acting like a bush.

I went to go shopping but I forgot that the Nookling store closes so late. Uhhh

One thing that shocked me is that Able Sisters was also closed. I thought that they stayed open until 10pm!

Since it was Saturday I decided to go watch K.K. Bunnie was there! If only you didn't move onto my path, you would still be in Cosmic right now.

Chops was also there in the other side of the room.

I wouldn't say the same thing for you!

While requesting a song I accidently spelt it wrong. However he finally played the city theme that I mentioned back in August

I checked to see if I could get him to do it again so that I could get it on video. Luckily he did and you can find it here

Speaking of singing and Animal Crossing, I did an English cover of Kapp'n's song in celebration of summer approaching. You can also find it on my Youtube channel. Thank you everyone for reading and watching!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Beth: Back in Arrested!

Hi gamers! This time we're back in Arrested and changing up my look for summer.

The other day, I came across a very exciting day in Arrested! It's been a year since Jeff and I came up with the idea for our Arrested Development themed down, and now we're back on Tumblr with updates on our adventures.

Jeff also visited my first town of Acorn.

 While he was over, I grabbed a famous mushroom so I could grow as tall as the trees :P

We also grabbed coffee and drank it outside The Roost. As I haven't been playing NL as much recently, I hadn't actually played with Jeff for a while. It was nice to play together again!

Today, Rudy asked me to come over to his house. I thought he meant at the time, so I was about to say yes when he started suggesting times. I knew I'd forget, so I backed out.

Bunnie asked me to deliver a package to Sheldon, which had this spade shirt inside.

I spotted a new house plot - and it turned out to be Rodeo! I'm pretty sure he will be from Forest, Jeff's town.

Before ending my game for the night, I changed into my summer dress and got a new haircut! It's been really hot here today (in real life), so it's inspired me to change my outfit in NL.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Squishy: Happy Birthday Cosmic!

Yesterday was Cosmic's first birthday! (Sniff) They grow up so fast...

Isaballe showed up at my house to take me to the town tree. Rosie, Jeremiah and a random Nookling were also there.

He looks like Tom Nook in this photo because of the timing of the photo :D

I told me villagers to keep voting for me. I glad it doesn't work that way.



Lets help Cosmic grow even stronger together, here on this blog!

Isabelle gave me a sapling clock. I sat it here just to take a photo then realised that it would look better in my back room.

Its like just yesterday this tree was a butt...

Today I got a new badge! I'm hitting all the milestones this week.

I said goodbye to Pietro. It was nice having you in town but I need to see a new not so scary face.

Flo and Portia made a bet that Portia couldn't master snowboarding. In spring?

She just wanted to play hide and ski seek. What does snowboarding have to do with hide and seek? Anyway Daisy and Flurry joined in.

Everyone was behind a tree of some sort and I got a random shirt for my troubles.

Thank you to everyone for watching my town grow and I hope you all stick around for many more years to come (Maybe even when the Switch version comes out).