Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Beth: Floating Feathers

 Sunday brought Sheldon's birthday, and I made sure to give my little squirrel friend a present. I don't remember what it was, but he must have liked it!

 I headed over to Forest on Sunday evening to pick up some roses and see it again now the snow has melted. Camofrog joined us at the bench, posing as a flower :P

Jeff then came over to Acorn to see it without the snow. He gave me a chocolate cake and he ate a chocolate heart from Valentine's. Thanks, Jeff!

 Yesterday was Festivale - my favourite holiday in NL! If you haven't played this holiday before, you basically run around collecting feathers for a dancing peacock. Yes, really.

I managed to catch a few rainbow feathers, which made Pave the peacock do this :P They also allowed me instant high-value furniture.

 One of my favourite things about Festivale is the pretty confetti falling from the sky, so I made sure to take some photos around town with it!

I also updated my dream town. I'm not sure if the confetti will show up, but it's worth a shot.

I love the confetti at night, too...as well as the little hats the villagers wear :P

 Pave looks glorious at night.

 Today, I loaded up my game to pretty drab weather and lots of left over feathers.

 So I time travelled back to yesterday and started to save and quit until Pave asked for the feathers I had left. I didn't know you could do this until today, so I thought I might as well earn some more furniture!

Thanks for reading - see you Thursday!

Monday, 27 February 2017

Squishy: Festivale

Today was Festivale which meant that confetti fell from the sky. Animal Crossing logic at its finest.

Villagers will be wearing Festive outfits for the occasion. Lookin' good Camofrog, even if you lost your camo.

Pave the Peacock will be dancing away at the plaza. I didn't take part in the event.

 But I did put on the Festivale outfit... and even did some dancing of my own.

 I also caught some feathers just for fun.

A bit too easy.
I am really loving the confetti.

 Today was Rosie's birthday so I went to visit. Iggly was also there, still in half his festive outfit (and the other half in a Christmas jumper).

I gave Rosie a pink feather. She seemed to like it.

Thank you for reading and have a good Festivale!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Squishy: There's snow more

I started a PWP of a face cut out board in my Earthbound area, which I paid off right away.

Jeremiah gave me some health advice... without even realising it.

Rosie was hanging out with Camofrog at her house. It's nice to see some of my favourite villagers getting along.

My face cutout board was fully built. I just need to work on a nice looking design.

I thought this said Fashion Forward and got excited.

It was Avery's birthday so I tred giving him some bells. Sadly that doesn't work.

Jeremiah started talking about Festivale and how he doesn't want to look weird dancing around. Hop to it froggy.

Since Winter is coming to a close I decided to make the ugliest snowman possible.

Yesterday was the first day without snow in 2017. I actually find the snow kind of ugly so I'm happy with the change of scenery.

Avery said that he was moving on the 4th March. I like Avery but I want to start emptying my garden area so I let him go.

My creepy Snowtyke managed to live to see green grass.

Who will you tell? Your family has melted!

Able Sisters is selling the Festivle outfits now.

Warmer weather also means more summery clothing so I switched out my signature outfit.

Today I played some hide and seek with Iggly, Pietro and Kid Cat. They suck at hiding but it took me ages to find Iggly.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the string colours in your town.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Beth: The Snow has Melted!

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 Today is an exciting day in NL - we don't have snow anymore! Sure, I liked the snow...but I was so ready for it to melt by the end :P

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 I felt a litte so-last-season in my hoodie, so I changed into an old cat dress QR code. I'll probably change again soon, but at least I look a bit more ready for spring!

Image may contain: candles, night and indoor 
 Katrina was in town, so I made sure to visit her. I never listen to anything she says, but I would like to have her shop open one day :P

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 Chai invited me over, so I visited her for a while. I like her house too much to buy anything from her.

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 I had a tent in the campsite for the first time this year, and inside I had a cute little rabbit! I think I have space, but I'm not sure whether I'll invite her to live in Acorn or not.

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I'm actually not at home this weekend, so I haven't been able to play much over the past few days. I have gathered a few photos of Acorn in the spring though!

Thanks for reading, see you on Tuesday!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Beth: Wishing on the Stars

Yesterday, I saw my new exterior. It might have changed a lot, but I actually like it. I'm definitely going to carry on with the cabin theme!

While doing chores an cleaning town, I ran around with my new pinwheel from Jodie.

 Bunnie asked me if she could move away, but I refused immediately! She hasn't been here long and she's one of my favourite villagers, so no way Bunnie :P

 Up at the station, I saw a notice for a meteor shower.

 I looked up, and sure enough there we were! I made sure to wish on a few stars :)

 You know, I'm sure I haven't seen this dialogue before. I wonder if they added some new dialogue with the update?

 I made sure to visit all of my villagers last night, and as I was going to visit Sheldon, Francine pinged me. I went in the house too quickly, but it's likely it wasn't anything important :P

 Inside, Sheldon asked me to deliver a parcel to Chevre. Don't you want to share your package with her yourself?


Chevre gave me a gift for delivering Sheldon's package - but I don't remember this being in the game either?! Am I losing my mind?

 Today, I went to use my final MEOW coupons in the campsite.

I think it's worth it, though!

Thanks for reading - see you Thursday!