Monday, 31 October 2016

Squishy: A quiet Halloween

I got a gem rock today. The bushes make the daily money rock a lot easier.

I was at ReTail checking the best selling item and...

...Its sums up 2016.

I also paid off my face cutout board but I forgot to take a picture.

I checked the turnip prices this morning (I forgot to this afternoon). It doesn't look good. If anyone has some good turnip prices feel free to let me know on my Twitter.

I see Marshal made himself at home, one block too high.

Sorry that I didn't play the Halloween event. I didn't prepare enough for the event and it would have been an epic fail. Also I'm not a huge fan of Halloween altogether.

Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun and stay safe.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Beth: Spooky Forest

 The other day, Shep bought my wheat field. I have no idea whether he bought it for a good price or not, though.

 I collected yet another emotion from Shrunk.

I then went to shop around for a Halloween mask, but ended up buying a King Tut mask. I wouldn't usually bother, but you can glitch with these, so I did.

 Redd was in town, and I bought the mystic statue he had. I didn't have internet at the time though, so I'm hoping it's real.

 On Friday night, I headed to Jeff's town for FNF. He had a Halloween theme, which is why I was wearing the cat outfit! Squishy joined us.

After a while, we headed to the island to do some tours. I had a lovely night with Jeff and Squishy! Thanks guys!

Thanks for reading!

Squishy: Brew, Badges and Bushes!

On Friday afternoon I got a better photo of my Café sign.

I did the money rock and realised that a flower was in the way. Noooo.

When talking to Avery he almost said something... rude.

This blog is family friendly, bird brain.

Luckily he just needed a new catchphrase. This isn't one of my most creative ideas.

Gulliver gave me a chocolate coin for getting the country wrong so I put it to good use.

Shrunk didn't seem too grateful.

Kid Cat mentioned moving again. I ended up letting him stay. He may be in the way of my path but he is a cool cat.

 Jeremiah wanted some furniture so I gave him a tiki torch. He basically gave me a toilet in return.

Avery had a flea so I added it to my flea room. Its coming along nicely.

Later on I went to Jeff's town for Friday Night Forest. Beth was also there dressed as a cat.

I smuggled some oranges while I was there. Heh heh heh.

Jeff wore a pumpkin head the whole night and it scared me once.

We looked into the distance with our nets for no reason.

Then had a net fight. 3. 2. 1. GO!!!

Jeff changed his design sign to have his pumpkin design. You can find it and other QR codes on his blog here.

I fell for his pitfall prank again only this time I was put in a coffin.

 We headed to the Island. There were some bushes for sale which I needed so I bought a few.

I also went diving. I haven't been diving in Animal Crossing since my old town so all of my catches were new.

Yesterday I got a present from Jeremiah in the mail.

This would have been useful for my original costume.

Marshal the squirrel was camping in my town. He's pretty cool so I got him to move in after asking over and over again.

You sound like your playing Fire Emblem Fates

I (finally) held the ceremony for my design sign. Try saying "design sign" ten times fast.

I saw Kapp'n in the café enjoying a cup of coffee.

Fun fact; When I was younger I thought he was a parrot.

Brewster told me that I can get coffee to go now. Yay!

 Iggly was talking about a story form another world.

Try being mayor

Today I planted the bushes that I got on the Island.

I got a new badge today! Yippee!

I thought it would be a good idea to plant bushes near the rocks in my town so that I didn't have to dig holes (yay for laziness).

Jeremiah requested a new PWP; A sandbox! that wont be in Cosmic anytime soon.

I also bought turnips for the first time (I forgot to take a picture). This will probably go horribly wrong but bear with me.

Thank you for reading and have a good day.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Beth: Looking Forward to Halloween!

 Today, I had a camper! Luckily, I wasn't interested...but she did make me look like I had cat ears ;)

 I visited Shrunk and learned the bashful emotion. It's a slow process, but I'm finally getting there.

 I changed my hair for Friday Night Forest, but I will also be changing my dress tomorrow!

The only other clue I'm giving out for my outfit is this hat...any guesses? ;)

Thanks for reading! I'll be back over the weekend with a FNF update! (Wish me luck staying up :P)

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Squishy: Anime Crossing New Sheep

The sky looked really pretty in Cosmic today. I just had to take a picture.

My custom design sign is finished!

Pietro and Groucho looked like they wanted to start a fight. 

So I talked to Pietro. Luckily he just wanted me to deliver him something. He's right over there.

I don't know why but I like taking photos of balloons as they float past (yeah I'm a weirdo). It looks so relaxing.

I found Groucho and he gave me his...ckackercart? Okay then.

 When I spoke to Pietro again he instantly earned my friendship.

My Halloween costume couldn't be more fitting.

I saw KK at the Roost today. Sadly I forgot to ask about the anime songs.

Blaire wanted a new greeting to replace "what up ya nut". I wanted to add the word spicy but it didn't fit.

So I ended up just choosing "Wheeeee".

At Kid Cat's house, he was confused about something.

This is me in class sometimes

Flurry seems to hang out on the beach a lot. I'm guessing she is talking about Gulliver.

Found him!

All while Flurry just walks by. Rude!

He started talking about a country with Vikings. I picked Norway and was wrong. Geography was never one of my strong subjects.

I attempted to make a design for near the café. I can admit that it looks stupid but it will do.

For those who don't follow me on Twitter Cosmic Acorns has reached 100 posts (well 102 now but I didn't realise). Thank you to Beth for doing half of them and tank you everyone for reading them.