Thursday, 29 September 2016

Beth: Shopping!

 I've been trying to get on before 8pm to head to Club LOL when I can! I haven't had many more chances, but I do now have an angry emotion.

 Chow decided to move out of Acorn. I never particularly liked him, so I let him go without a second thought.

 I only have a couple of fossils to find now, maybe 4 or so?

 Today, Chevre asked me to collect signatures for More Rainy Days in 2016. I don't mind rain in real life or the game, so hopefully I can get these signatures from Jeff's town later!

 In T&T tonight, they had a half price special. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but this kitchen floor could come in useful for so cheap!

 I ended up doing some more shopping, preparing for winter.

 I then headed up to see my recent streetpasses.

 And took a look at the few houses!

 Most of them aren't really developed, but there could be a few interesting items if I search through.

 Back in town, I found a sloppy lamp! It's shocking me how much sloppy stuff I'm finding in Acorn already.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Squishy: Hungry froggy

Today in Groucho wanted me to catch a butterfly for her niece? I didn't know that you had a niece. How are you going to get it to her? we can't put bugs in letters.

I found Kid Kat's house plot. The placement wasn't so good though.

I am having the worst luck with these house placements. I'm getting such good villagers as well.

When talking to Jeremiah he wanted the water to replaced with cheese. Okay then froggy.

Looking after bamboo is like looking after an annoying virtual pet (minus the constant beeping)

Jeremiah pinged me and asked me to guess what food did he eat? I guessed coffee cake and got it right. He gave me a tumbleweed as a "reward"

I talked to Jeremiah again and it turns out that I'm a bell hoarder. I don't have a bell under my name!

Jeremiah must be really hungry.

I feed my villagers, I promise!

The villagers' houses were starting to annoying so I put matters into my own hands.

I put this sign outside the villagers' houses that I want gone. I want to get rid of;
  • Deirdre
  • Bunnie
  • Chops
  • Groucho
I would like to get at least two of them out by 2017.

Thank you everyone for reading and ill see you all this weekend.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Beth: ACHHD: Redesigning the hotel

Last week, I decided it was finally time to redo my hotel in Happy Home Designer! Annoyingly, I did the lobby, took my SD card out to blog and realised it had reset my game.

 In the end, I went for a simple but modern feel, a complete and welcome change from the fancy lobby.

 However, I did stick to a slightly fancy, country cottage style for one of the guest rooms.

 In the other guest room, I made a modern Japanese themed bedroom.

 I changed the buffet room to a modern cafe. It might be a little similar to the cafe outside, but I like it.

 If you'd like to see the hotel, you can visit it using the QR code above!

 I visited the hotel after 'work' hours, and got some better angled photos of the lobby.

 In one of the guest rooms, Apple was already guarding her territory! 

 I quickly designed a hairdressers for Midge.

 The next day, I designed a house for Shep.

 The brief was quite...brief. But I took it to mean musically...hip? What am I on about?

 Weirdly, the wallpaper unlocked for this project seemed a little off?

 Who else can imagine Shep on drums?

I made sure to add a stereo to the bathroom. I'd like one in mine :P

Thanks for reading! I'll be back in a couple of days with an NL update.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Squishy: New Town Hall

Today in Cosmic I met my new villager, Deirdre. Why do all the cute ones move onto annoying places?

Do me a favour and go to a different part of the map. Thanks!

My town hall is finished and I picked the Fairytale style.

I'll get a daytime photo for next time.

In the old Cosmic I chose the zen style so I wanted a different one. I'm not fond of the Modern style (its not symmetrical) so I chose Fairytale

We held the ceremony for it right away.

While walking around town I saw a tent. It contained a Kid Kat having a break.

After about 10 minutes of pestering him and risking a famous mushroom I got him to move in. Yay!

Thank you for reading and I'll see you all on Wednesday.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Beth: With Egg

Yesterday, I went to see Shrunk, who taught me the cold chill emotion.

 Lily asked me to deliver something to Bonbon that she’d borrowed. Bonbon gave me a star projector as a reward, which is something I might actually keep!

Today, I caught a flea that had seemed too interested in Lily! I don't know why she tries to stay clean - don't frogs belong in filthy ponds?

I caught another couple of bugs around town to donate to the museum.

 While wandering (and cleaning Acorn) I noticed Bonbon and Sheldon getting pretty close!

Sheldon then pinged me for a new catchphrase. I had no idea, so I eventually used “with egg”. It's random, but could turn out to be a funny choice. 

I went to Club LOL to hear another of Shrunk’s jokes. He joked about having human allergies while teaching me the sneezing emotion. Sometimes, I think I do too.

 I then headed back to my house to see my newest remodel, the beige door.

I sold some perfect apples and paid off my home loan! The basement is my next expansion.

Thanks for reading! See you soon, maybe with another HHD entry. I've been playing it more recently!