Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Squishy: Scorpions are trolling

Sorry for not posting. My internet decided to break.
On Monday night Groucho looked like he was about to jump in the river.

While walking around I spotted the badge man himself. I might need to play less (or more to earn the other badges)

 I decided to devote that night to catching a scorpion. Sadly I got pinched.

Uhhh Jeremiah? I don't think you should have your net out at this hour.

Chops was trying to sell me something for almost double the price.

 I found... and lost another scorpion.

Bunnie had a flea so I helped her out.

I got another rubbish deal for an item.

Your busting my chops.
A third scorpion fell into the river. Noooooo. 

 O'Hare proved a valid point while requesting a PWP. A Stonehenge.

Bunnie had another flea.

Yeah right...
I built the Stonehenge and paid it off right away.

Before I left for the night I checked the board outside ReTail. My typing doesn't show how annoyed I am.

Yesterday Iggly wanted to move out of town. I like him so I kept him.

Flurry was talking about chopping veggies. Ive actually never seen that K.K. title before.

My Stonehenge was complete so I had the ceremony.

Shrunk told me a bit of a touchy joke.

No whales or wives were harmed in the making of this blog.

And today I didn't play much so I just gazed at the bamboo in the background.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you all next time.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Beth: 7 Years Bad Luck

 Yesterday, I added these designs to my Tumblr! They can be used for furniture or wallpaper.

 I attended the ceremony for the well.

 I started the 7 years of bad luck I started today from walking under a ladder in real life.

 I found out my lovely friend Amy dreamed about Acorn! Thank you, Amy!

In Nook's, I saw a firework for sale. It's weird and kinda sad as the fireworks are now over for the year.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the short post but blogger has been messing up today!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Beth: Hearts & Strawberries

 On a clear night the other night, I managed to get this pretty photo of Retail. I love Retail in any lights, but I do love it at night with the pretty heart light.

 I set up another public works project, this time the water well. I'm not sure what landscaping I'll do around it, but I made sure it can be surrounded by cedar trees.

 I had enough money to pay off the whole thing immediately, so it's built today!

 Bubbles asked to move, and I really wanted her to go...but of course, I pressed the wrong option and she's staying.

 I made a new wallpaper design, which will be uploaded to my Tumblr tomorrow!

 I gave Isabelle some designs for the last fireworks festival.

 I also saw the well, but unfortunately couldn't attend the ceremony today, due to it being an event day.

 I could, however, see the notice board sign announcing it's completion!

 Just after 7, I collected my last bopper from Isabelle.

I took some fossils up to the museum, and saw the light of the fireworks from my now built up Main Street.

Thanks for reading, make sure to have a great last fireworks show of the year tonight!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Squishy: Summer's (almost) end

 Yesterday Pancetti the pig was camping in Cosmic. I had no interest in having her as a resident.

I was looking at potential places for the café and I managed to get Isabelle stuck.

Today Chops was sad that tomorrow was the last fireworks festival and said some really meaningful stuff.

Now I really don't want to go back to school. Thanks Chops.

Groucho was in a bad mood. The way he is posed for this photo looks like he is licking the tree. Is he looking for honey? All you'll find are oranges.

I am really running out of room for these gems. I might need to switch shovels.

When I saw Groucho later he had a flea so I caught it for him.

Almost two minutes Avery wanted it for 84 bells. Okay but im not catching it again.

Iwent to visit Flurry and she was writing a poem about saltshakers. I have really weird villagers.

I found a sleek wall from her fridge.

When talking to O'Hare he said that he was talking to Beth from Otaku (Beth's old town). That's been impossible for almost two months dude.

He asked me did I have a sleek wall in my pocket, I said no as a joke and it turns out that Flurry told him about it.

Flurry you traitor. Now he's on to me.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you all next time

Friday, 26 August 2016

Beth: Meteor Shower

 The other day, I noticed a meteor shower would be in Acorn that night.

 I headed to pay off the lighthouse with the money I earned in Forest.

 In the evening, Jeff came over to watch the meteor shower with me.

 Chow joined us down on the beach, and I met him for the first time.

 Yesterday, I had a cute bunny in the campsite. Unfortunately though, I'm full because of a certain ugly panda.

 Along with the lighthouse note, Squishy left a note when she came over to collect signatures.

 I attended the ceremony for the lighthouse.

 Filbert had a good plan. I wish I could be doing this today.

 Over in Jeff's town last night, I found a dead quince bonsai. I thought that a quince was a type of apple, but maybe I'm wrong?

Thanks for reading!