Sunday, 31 July 2016

Squishy: Avery the Bully

While doing my daily chores tonight I noticed that their was a meteor shower, so I stopped to make a wish.

U noticed that Perfect peaches were selling really well at my Retail. I knew Jeff's native fruit was peaches so I invited him over to sell.

While Jeff was selling I dug up another Pitfall. I haven't even used the first one yet.

When Jeff left I noticed that he left a message. Thank you. :)

Iggly pinged me and gave me the nickname Li'l S. Unlike other randomly generated nicknames I actually like this one so I let him use it.

Watch it! I'm your mayor and I have Pitfall seeds.
Slightly later O'Hare pinged me but when I spoke to him he just started a normal conversation. Okay then.

I got my letter from Gulliver, Inside it was a... slightly warm statue. Thanks...

I sat him next to my Tootoid. It made sense at the time. :P
Lastly I went to the Island and got this really nice photo.


When I got back I caught a mosquito. I can never see them so this is an achievement.

Lastly when I spoke to Avery he told me a story about a girl he liked. You bully.

Guys, here's a tip. You don't have to pick on us for attention.
Thank you for reading and have a great August.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Beth: Frogs and rabbits

Hi all! I haven't been playing a lot recently due to a big project I've decided to start...that's all I'm going to say. More soon ;)

 The other night, I visited Forest. While wandering town, I took this pretty picture of us on the beach.

The next morning, Lily asked me to move. She's not the worst villager, but I'm not bothered about hanging onto I let her go. After all, there are a lot better things out there than frogs :P

 This evening, I found a lost item.

And decided to do some landscaping...before my axe decided against it and broke.

 I found out a piece of art I bought in Forest was real, which was a small relief!

 And visited a few villager houses while finding the owner of the mitten! How cute is Sheldon's? And I see a lot of rare items in Benjamin's house...invite me round, doggy?

Eventually, I found the owner. Her dialogue made me want to draw fan-art of those two :P Maybe one day.

Thanks for reading! Hope you're all having a great weekend.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Squishy: Chocolate by the sea

In Cosmic today Groucho said that look older. Rude!

But he was nice enough to tell me that Gulliver washed up on the beach so I went to wake the soggy sailor up.

Its nice to finally get this Earthbound reference. 

He started talking about the place where he was going. The minute he said chocolate I knew it was Belgium.

Can I come too?

While fossil hunting I found a Pitfall Seed. That doesn't sound very interesting but I have a few victims in mind.

Chops pinged me and said that he needed a fill of me. This is why we can't be friends Chops.

He just wanted to come to my house at a certain time. No thanks, You had enough Squishy for a while,

When I went to donate some fossils Blathers was... thinking.

He was requesting that the museum gets an upgrade so I put that into action right away.

I spoke to Groucho again and he had a flea. I love how the villagers' catchphrases change when they are itchy.

Lastly I went to the Island to check the shop.

I would love to do a cover of Kapp'n's song.
Thank you for reading and have a good weekend.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Beth: Not so happy camping

I haven't managed to play much due to trying to cram in a lot of reading before I go to a literature convention on Sunday, and along with voluntary work it's been unfortunately pushed back a little.

 The other day, I visited Jeff's town. He let me try on the cap Rolf had given him, but refused to swap for mine :P

 The next day, I noticed a camper while wandering town.

 I walked around to the north of town, and took this pretty picture of my newly built street lamp.

Inside, I found Bonbon. I'd have loved to have had her in town, but unfortunately then found out I'm full with 10 villagers.

Last night, I briefly saw Jodie again! Unfortunately we disconnected quickly, but it was still nice to have her over.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Squishy: Perfect fruit, In my shoe

I have a lot of explaining to do... Here goes.

Last Saturday I played the game like normal. I took the game with me for Streetpass purposes and while it was in my bag the cartridge popped out mid session. I didn't want to post about things that sort of didn't happen.

As for the last post my laptop wouldn't work. If you follow me on Twitter you will know about what happens blog-wise (also I talk about random stuff). Now that all the boring stuff is done on with the blog.

When I visited Gayle she was in boxes ready to leave. Yippee!

I got the sleepy emotion from Shrunk.

Just when I thought that my Retail had a gem shortage I got a gem rock.

When speaking to O'Hare, he invited me over to his house.

He tried to charge me 3,320 bells for a gyroid. No Thanks!

On Monday I got a camper. I didn't check his/her/its name because the first thing that came to mind was "Nope"

Since Gayle's house is gone I added a more convenient way to get to my west beach.

Avery asked for a perfect orange so I did. He gave me a milk case. I don't even like milk.

 I don't know what is so friendly about giving people milk but okay.

I did something that I haven't done in ages. I updated my dream town.

The shapes around my head remind me of Kamak. Is Luna Kamak?

Here is my dream address if you want to visit Cosmic.

So today Iggly invited me over to his house, but unlike Avery he wanted to set a time. Sorry dude its now or never.

I got another camper today. Lionel the... well lion.

Jeremiah wanted a piece of furniture the size of a sea bass. He said to check his house to see his stuff. I wish I could just trespass into villagers' homes.

Blaire wanted an orange so I gave her a perfect one, which made great use of her catchphrase.

While walking I found a piece of furniture.

Nope. Its actually a walking leaf. I fall for it every time.

And just two seconds after sorting out my pockets Iggly gave me a beatnik tee. Thanks buddy.

Thank you for reading and hopefully there won't be anymore delays for a while.