Monday, 18 December 2017

Squishmas 6: My Christmas Traditions (related to gaming)

We are at the Squishmas checkpoint now (Yayyy!). I started thinking about my gaming traditions before the hecticness that we call Christmas starts. So without further ado, lets go.

Once December starts (or earlier) I would start playing Christmas music. Mainly gaming music since there aren't any lyrics to distract me from what I'm doing (I can't just sit and listen to music, I need to be doing something). If you need some Winter/Christmas tune suggestions, feel free to check out my fourth day to Squishmas post.

December is also when I would usually do a huge clean out of my bedroom. I personally enjoy cleaning so I look forward to doing this every six months. Its cool finding old stuff and making room for Christmas presents and festivities. Its also a way for me to get the Christmas decorations.

As Christmas gets closer and closer I start cuddling up in blankets and staying in the house with no shame (since "normal" people go outside in the summer). Its the best time to unwind and playing something more relaxing. Stardew Valley has been that game this year since the Switch is so portable.

On Christmas Day I would play a few multiplayer games with my siblings and relax. Christmas is about family and loved ones after all. Thanks for reading and here's to another six days of Squishmas!

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Squishmas 5: New Years Resolutions

If your reading this on the day it was posted, its exactly two weeks until New Year's Eve. That's really weird! It doesn't even feel like its December (maybe it does since its freezing, but meh). Since there is only a little bit of 2017 left I decided to go over some blog and gaming related New Year's Resolutions that I have.

Go through my game backlog
I have quite a few games that I either haven't touched in years or haven't even opened. Stuff like Mario and Luigi Dream Team, every Zelda game I own (I'm almost finished Wind Waker though) and Pokémon Platinum (I left with two Gym Badges). I should try my best to finish games before I get more (there might be exceptions though)

Try some new games/series
2017 wasn't too bad for trying new games. I finally tried Stardew Valley after months of thinking that its not accessible (I have 70+ hours in my file). I also started PC gaming, even if its only Minecraft. If anyone has any suggestions for PC games I would love to hear them. Anyway I would love to try some more games or even an entire series. Final Fantasy has got me interested, so have a few others that aren't at the top of my head.

Grow more as a blogger
This year was weird, especially since it was the first full year of doing it (since I did start in June last year). I've gotten better but there is still a lot that I could do to improve, like getting into the habit of proofreading my posts or writing about more games.

Try some other things besides blogging
Over the last few months, I've been playing around with the idea of doing other things, things that require sharing my actual voice to the world. I've been doing research and have the tools necessary to get started. Its just actually starting.

I have other resolutions but they are more real life related. Hopefully 2018 is an awesome year. Thank you for reading and have a good day.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Squishmas 4: Best Winter/Christmas songs in games

One thing that I love about the Christmas season is the music. Its either really upbeat and cheerful, or soothing and beautiful. Plus no two Christmas songs are the same. Video game songs are no exception. Personally I think they are the best for setting the mood in a particular area since all the song has to do is hit the correct festive nerves. So here are some of my favourite Winter/Christmas songs in video games.

Winter White (Earthbound)
A song that is both cheery and sad, Winter White really sets the mood for the area. The bells in the background make you ready to go on an adventure with your new party member. But the main melody makes you think about the temperature itself, that its cold and that winter isn't just sleigh bells and happiness. Brentalfloss has also done an awesome vocal cover for it a few years ago! You can listen to Winter White here

Winter Theme (Harvest Moon Magical
For some weird reason, Harvest Moon games always have the best winter themes. This could be to fill in the gap that crops fill during the other seasons. The theme in Magical Melody is no exception. The subtle bell like sounds that play the main melody (pun not intended) kind of reminds me of figure skating for some weird reason. You can listen to it for yourself here

Rosalina's Ice World (Mario Kart 7)
The character selection may not have been the best but at least this game had awesome tracks with matching music. I loved the music in this track mainly for the use of the really low piano notes at the beginning. Its not often you hear low pitch sounds in a Winter/Christmas song unless its a hymn. You can listen to it here

Snowy Fields (Kirby's Epic Yarn)
Right off the bat you hear bells, trumpets and other loud noises that scream "Its Christmas" in your ear. After that it quiets down a bit and sounds more like a sleigh ride adventure on your nearest hillside. I like this one because its not often you hear voilins lead a wintery song. I was stuck between this one and "Frosty Wheel". This one takes the wheel (that one was intended) because there's a lot more going on in it. You can hear it here

Snowmads' Theme (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)
This is the first (and only) song on my list from a game that I haven't played yet. I remember hearing the main tune in a video and I spent ages trying to find it. Now I love it. It reminds me of one of those old fashioned ice cutting scenes in movies or something. It sounds epic but still has that feeling of trudging around in the snow. You can listen to this one here

Shiveria Town (Super Mario Odyssey)
I'll try not to say too much about this one since the game is still really new. But this song is so cute! It makes me want to start knitting again It has such a homely, welcoming feeling. You can listen to this one here (possible spoilers though)

So there you have it. It was difficult choosing between certain ones from different series but it was fun to play them in the background while I write this. Thank you for reading (and listening). I'll see you all tomorrow.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Squishmas 3: Dreaming of Navidad

Today I went into the dream town of Navidad (I'm guessing that its named after that Spanish Christmas song). Its a hacked town which explains why Luna is half bush.

There was a cut out board of a rather chubby Santa. 

They had an area set up with Santa outfits. I put everything on except for the beard.

They had a cut out board hacked in from a previous event. Too bad the Dream Suite is only one player.

The town is very pretty with some nice looking areas, like this walkway!

There were two houses to explore. The first one had a traditional Christmas living room, with presents and Jingle furniture dotted around.

The left room looked to be a Christmas dinner for ten, with turkey and desserts. Yummy!

The second house had one of those America exclusive trees. Why didn't Europe get them? They look so pretty.

There was also a kid's bedroom which was filled with toys and a white TV. I didn't know that it could be remade in that colour.

That house was Cindylou's. It looks like I took the photo too early, but there wasn't actually any text. I'm speechless too!

Overall, Navidad is a very pretty town. It was filled with festive cheer and neat little suprises. Thank you for reading and if you would like to visit Navidad, here is the Dream Code.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Squishmas 2: Best snowy day games

Its been snowing in the UK for the last few days (I was lucky enough to get almost 2 foot of the stuff). This made me think about my favorite "snow day" games. You know, the ones that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside (even if your already in a thick blanket). So here are some games that I enjoy playing during cold weather.

Yoshi's Woolly World
The characters and environments are basically made of fuzzy socks so its perfect. Plus it has multiplayer so you share these warm feelings with the person sitting next to you. Its also amiibo compatible and even on the 3DS so you don't even need a Wii U to play it.

Stardew Valley
A bit of a new game but I've put a lot of winter hours into this one. Since its on the Switch, I can easily move to the room with the best heating (in my case, the living room). It's even good in bed if you can get comfy (or if you have a light laptop to place on you).

Tomodachi Life
What is more entertaining than a bunch of random Miis on an island? I don't know but it is pretty fun. Make whoever you want and watch them interact with each other or do crazy things. Since its on 3DS it can be played anywhere!

A game where you can build whatever you want and can play with multiple people? Yes please! Its pretty much available on everything these days; Switch, Wii U, PC and its even coming to the Nez 3DS in 2018. I wouldn't be suprised if its on our microwaves at this point.

There are many more but they would be based on preference and what type of winters everyone has. Thank you for reading and I'll see you again tomorrow!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Squishmas 1: Intro to Squishmas!

Welcome to Squishmas! This will be a 12 days (well 13 if you count Christmas Day)series where I talk about winter/Christmas themed things in gaming.

Yes, I know that the countdown usually happens AFTER Christmas, but this is for those who just can't wait.

How this will work is that I will post something Christmas related everyday (alongside New Leaf on Mondays and Fridays). I will ramble on about different gaming and Animal Crossing related things and end it with a special post on Christmas post on the 25th. I hope that everyone enjoys the next few days!

Monday, 11 December 2017

Squishy: Snow capsules

There was snow in Cosmic yesterday. I always liked the added festive beat to the music when it snow.

Bluebear was staying at my campsite. I really wanted her to move in but after trying sh wouldn't budge.

Today in town there was snow on the ground (and on other objects).

Flurry pinged me and wanted a new greeting. She has been saying "yay happy" for quite a while so it was time for the change. I got her to say "Flurrdrop" simply because it sounded cute!

When I spoke to her again she said that she wanted an item to replace her fish on a board (the one I gave her not too long ago, might I add). I gave her the fancy doll that I had in my pocket.

She gave me a capsule toy machine as a reward. Now that I think about it, Flurry looks a lot like a capsule.

Since winter has offically arrived in Animal Crossing, I started it right by building a snowman. It came out perfect!

Now I can play bingo again (and have one item slot less for at least two months)

While walking around town, I saw a new house plot over the horizon

It belonged to Rolf. He will be my first tiger villagers. I don't mind him too much, plus he's in a good spot so He'll be sticking around for a while.

Thank you for reading and remember, the 12 day's of Squishmas starts on Wednesdsy so stay tuned.