Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Squishy: Animal Crossing Switch event ideas

A few weeks ago I listed off the top 5 things that I want to see in a new Animal Crossing game. One of those things being new and returning events. I spent the last few months thinking of new events and doing research on the ones from the first game (since I haven't played it before). Today I am going to go through my ideas.

Regional events
I think that the American and the European/UK versions of the game should have the same events. There is only a 2-3 event difference anyway. I don't think they could localise the Japanese/other country ones since they are a little too eastern to be translated.

Event locations
First off is the location or venue that the events take place in. In previous games, a lot of the events either took place at the plaza/Town Hall or involved a special character walking around which required the player having to them. For the next game I want to see more event venues. They could also correspond with the season. Here are a few ideas I had for event locations;
  • Event Plaza/Town Hall
  • Beach
  • Club LOL (or wherever K.K will play)
  • Random grassy part of town
  • Other (Special character, letter etc.)
I think these locations (and possibly others) could add more character to different events that were otherwise just getting an item and that's it.

Events that should return
A lot of events from the earlier games were either toned down or taken out all together. That kind of sucks since a lot of them actually sounded pretty cool. These are the events I want to return or be the way they were.

Bright Night - That event in Wild World where you choose the best Toy Day decorations. They could improve it to make the villager's decorations match their houses' exterior rather than just some random lights.
Groundhog Day - Who else wants to see Resetti in a tuxedo like in the Gamecube game? That sounds awesome!
La-Di-Da Day - This could still have the Town Tune contest but it could turn into a music festival. Maybe even have K.K play outside on the Town Tree.
Shamrock Day - I feel like this event deserves something more but I couldn't think of anything interesting. If anyone has an idea feel free to mention it.
Cherry Blossoms - This has just turned into a weather change that happens in April. They should do something similar to the Gamecube version.
Meteor Shower - This should return as a proper event rather than just happen randomly
Acorn Festival - Another Wild World event! Its where you collect acorns around your town for Cornimer. They could have acorn exclusive furniture.
Sports Fair - With all the news features that were added into New Leaf, this could allow for some more sports!

Event Ideas
I spent a few weeks doing research on some real life events (that weren't too minority specific) that I think would make for a fun event. Here are a few ideas I thought along with a possible date for it. Keep in mind that some of these are still at their earlier stages.

Fruit Festival (8th May) - (Shout out to my sister who thought of this) This would be an event that allows people an easier way to get foreign fruit without having to go to other towns. The player would give their native fruit to a villager for either a different fruit or fruit themed furniture
Swimming Race (27th May) - Here's where we can actually put wet suits to good use. You would race your villagers in the ocean dodging jellyfish. The speed of the villager could depend of what animal they are. For example, penguins and bears could swin quicker than elephants and cats.
Picnic Day (30th June) - An event to celebrate the end of Spring. Villagers will set up little picnic blankets on the beach.
Beach Party (18th July) - Kapp'n and his family could come to the mainland to throw a party to thank the town for providing them will supplies and stuff
Fire Pit Festival (30th-31st August) - Day one  would consist of summer type events like melon smashing (bring a shovel or a hammer). Day two could involve sitting by the fire pit and telling stories.
Pumpkin Carving (17th October) - You could either carve a pumpkin using a custom design. The pumpkin would sit outside your house until November 1st
Redd Friday (the day after thanksgiving) - Redd would show up in your town. Everything in all the shops would be really cheap. A villager would ask for a specific item in a shop and you have to buy it before Redd gets it. If you bring it to a villager they will give you the full price for the item rather than the bought price.
Friday 13th (Friday 13th...) - Jack would come to your town and cause chaos. Its up to the player to stop it. (It could be another opportunity to get creepy furniture plus other unlucky looking furniture.
Custom Event - More on this in a future post!

So there you have it. These are a few of my ideas. They aren't the best but I put some research into it and had fun with it. If anyone has any other event ideas please feel free to leave them in the comments. Thank you for reading and have a good day!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Squishy: Saving Panic!

This evening started a conversation with Portia, luckily I realised that I was making a horrible mistake before she mentioned moving.

I don't...

Good news is the the Bug Offs are finally gone until June. Yay!

Daisy asked me to grabbed her an orange. Luckily I already had one in my pocket. She gave me a drum kit as a reward. What a bang on present!

While talking to Jeremiah I realised that his fishing pole is taller than him. It must be very awkward to carry around.

I had a weird conversation with Iggly about crisp packets. I would prefer to be on a chocolate bar.

One thing that's been bugging me for a few months was how messy my house was getting. I decided to make a start to cleaning it. I did my main room and my upstairs room.

Most of my other rooms are okay but may require redecorating.

After that I saved my game and almost had a heart attack while waiting. it was saving for 5 minutes straight so I thought that my game broke. Luckily that didn't happen. Phew!

Thank you for reading and have an awesome week!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Squishy's thoughts on the September Direct

The Direct came and went and we were left with 45 minutes of Nintendo goodness. So here are my thoughts on what has been shown.

First they briefly showed Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. Even though we already got a release date for it, its still nice to get another peek of it before 6th October. Its the only Mario and Luigi game I haven't played (except Paper Jam which I'm skipping) so I'm pretty hyped. The other two October games shown are Fore Emblem Warriors which comes out on the 20th and Super Mario Odyssey (duh..) on the 27th. October is looking pretty good, especially for the Switch.

Next is December. The only thing shown for December was Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I'm looking forward to it but can we all agree that they spent too much time talking about it? I could have finished the first Xenoblade during that time (well maybe not but you know what I mean). It will be coming out on the 1st December.

Then there's everything that's coming out in 2018. First there's Mario Party 100. I got so excited for that game. Its kind of annoying how its on 3DS instead of the Switch but all the more obscure Mario Parties seem to end up being portable anyway (except for 9 and 10).

Lastly out of no where Minecraft was announced for the New 3DS (I'm not sure if its New 3DS exclusive or not though). Its cool but seems so random. The layout of everything looks really messy but that could just be because there's two screens. We weren't given a release date for it though so it could still just be at its beta stages.

Thank you for reading and what was your favourite part of the Direct? Feel free to leave it in the comments.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Squishy: Birthday 2017

Today in the world of Animal Crossing (and in real life) its my birthday. Iggly showed up at y house for the yearly event.

Jeremiah and Flurry were also there, my three favourite villagers (in my town) under one roof.

 I made a wish and told my villagers. I'm not going to tell you guys until it shows up in a villager's conversation, just in case.

Happy birthday to me (I feel old).

This year present was the birthday sign. The colours remind me of a giant cookie.

My mom sent me a cello while Rosie sent me a camera of some sort.

The other villagers were wishing me a happy birthday.

Excuse me???

I picked up the lost item that was chilling in the background of the last photo. It ended up belonging to Flurry.

She gave me a regal clock as a reward.

I left my 3DS open while I grabbed a snack and discovered that I got bitten by a mosquito. Yuck!

The Bug Off is tomorrow so be sure to play if you still need a gold trophy!

Thank you so much for reading and have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

September Nintendo Direct thoughts and predictions

Nintendo announced a Direct for 11pm today (in the UK, thanks Nintendo...) and it will last 45 minutes (RIP sleep). They already said that Super Mario Odyssey was being shown and talked about so we know something. Since there are a few hours until the Direct, here are my thoughts on the announcement and what I wold like to see.

Personally I think this is the perfect time for Nintendo to have a Direct. Its not too close or too far from E3. Plus nothing of interest (that I know of) is coming out in September so we get our dose of Nintendo hype for a while.

First off, we will more than likely get a better look and even a release date for game that are coming out this year like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors. Maybe even some demos for the games. I can also see us getting another look at the new Yoshi and Kirby games coming out in 2018 and maybe a release month if we're lucky.

Next is the Animal Crossing app. News has been both lacking and just plain weird, especially with all these leaked releases floating around. Hopefully we will get a real release date and maybe some footage and/or screenshots. I don't want to sound like a broken record and ask for Animal Crossing on the Switch like every other predictions post but it would be nice (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Lastly there's the virtual console for the Switch. The Switch has been out for a little over six months now which feels like the perfect time to announce it and even release some games (even if its just some popular NES games or something).

Thanks for reading and I will post my thoughts on the Direct on Sunday!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Squishy: Chain of reminders

Today is the (belated) beginning of Autumn. The trees are starting to go a lighter green.

There was a notice on the board for the September Bug Off. I might participate in this one.

I haven't played since my last blog post (oops!) so my villagers questioned my disappearance.

*Looks down at pyjamas* 

Camofrog told me that people are calling me a bell hoarder. I'm surprised that they aren't calling me a hermit.

Daisy wanted me to go get signatures from another town for "wear more hats". I didn't really want to go to another town so I declined.

That did remind me to take off my boppers from the fireworks show.

My character looks so tired

Then that reminded me to change into my wintery outfit. Nice and cosy!

Jeremiah wanted some fruit so I got him an orange. He rewarded me with a yellow tartan shirt.

I was surprised to find out that no one moved out in my absence... until now.

Portia wanted to leave on the 21st September. I wanted to get rid of her for a while so I undid her lead.

Thank you for reading and have a nice week.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Squishy: Changes and ideas for Cosmic Acorns

As you all know, Beth has left Cosmic Acorns as of yesterday. First of all thank you Beth for co-blogging with me over the last year. I cannot say that enough. It has been great sharing the blog with you all this time and I wish you luck for the future.

Since now its just me, I've been spending the last week figuring out how to fill the void and change anything that needs changed.

Blog Name

This is something I considered since during my first month of blogging it was called Squishy Pixelz. I decided to keep Cosmic Acorns as the blog name. Its still very catchy plus I had it for a year now so it would be silly to change it.

Posting schedule

This week will be a bit all over the place since I'm kinda busy irl but I will be following the schedule below starting next Monday.

While writing out a schedule I realised that Animal Crossing is getting less hyped up and I want to try other things. So from now until a possible Switch version comes out, Animal Crossing will be twice per week and on some event days (for example, I won't be doing every Bug Off or Fishing Tourney). Overall here is what the current schedule looks like.

Monday - Animal Crossing New Leaf
Tuesday -
Wednesday - Other stuff
Thursday -
Friday - Animal Crossing New Leaf
Saturday -
Sunday - Other stuff
An Animal Crossing event would replace the Wednesday and Sunday post if the event falls on that day. Other stuff could include
  • My thoughts on games, consoles and gaming events
  • Ideas and concepts I have for unannounced or unreleased games
  • Weekly posts on a particular game or even a one off game
  • Non gameplay Animal Crossing stuff (such as news and creative stuff I see)
  • Other ideas I have in mind
Other Things
There will be other minor changes such as the addition of pages for organisation and other things but for now, that is everything. Again thank you Beth and thank you everyone for reading and I'll see you all next time.

Also if anyone has any ideas for possible games or review feel free to leave them in the comments below.